On the Burden of Proof

The concept of Burden of Proof is very important. According to it, the burden of proof lies on the person making the claim, and not on the person who rejects it. Let’s consider this:

A: There is a dragon in my garage.
B: You have no proof for it.
A: You have no proof 
against it.

The reply given by A seems like a smart one. But, it is fallacious. The reason is because you can’t always have evidence that invalidates the claim. There is no reason to believe something which is not supported with evidence. The inability of a person to disprove something doesn’t add any credibility to the claim.
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[A letter] to everyone who believes in a God

To everyone who believes in a God,

There are people who try to weaken your faith by criticizing it. Ignore them, for you know what the truth is. I am to help you strengthen your faith. These are over seven billion people in this world and most of them have faith in God. But which God is real? There are thousands, but only one of them is true. The one true God is the God YOU believe in. Yes, he is the real God. He is the truth.

Listen not to the scientists who say there is no God, they are ignorant. They haven’t got the spiritual eye that you and I do. They are spiritually blind people who deny the existence of God. They might tell that you’re deluded, and that you’re mentally crippled for believing in God. Don’t listen to them, for their “science” can never know God. Science can only give you useless knowledge, it can never give you happiness, nor it can stop evil from happening.

Yesterday, the ISIS seized nearly 40 kg of Uranium compounds from Mosul University. The day before, a shop keeper was murdered by Sunnis for being a Shia. Many innocent African kids are being killed by being considered witches by Christians. Ignore them. You don’t need to worry about them, because it isn’t your belief that’s the cause.

Your faith in God makes you feel good. You know why? It’s because God gives you the happiness. Forget about the society, forget about everything, your happiness is the most important thing. And you need to go to heaven, so harm no one. Don’t trust in those who don’t believe in God, for they have no morals.

Fight for your faith, even if you’re alone.

Yours faithfully,
Erik Royall,
an atheist.

Discrush #1: David C. Pack’s logical proof for existence of God

This article discusses David C. Pack’s logical proof for the existence of god published in The Real Truth Magazine. ‘Discrush‘ions are rebuttals of proofs for God.

Why should there be such doubt—such confusion—about the existence of God? For thousands of years, people have debated whether God exists. Most conclude that it cannot be proven—one way or the other. It is surmised that the correct answer lies in the area of abstract philosophy and the metaphysical.

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Evolution is both theory and a fact

One common creationist misconception is that evolution is just a theory. But evolution is a theory as well as a well established fact. How can evolution be both? Because Evolution theory and evolution fact are completely different. Evolution by natural selection is the best explanation for the fact of evolution.

This misconception arises because people confuse between a scientific theory and a theory in terms of some creationist, for example. A scientific theory is changed when it becomes incompatible with facts. Funnily, the creationist theories change facts if they’re incompatible with their theory. They deny the facts that earth is more than 6,000 years old, they deny that evolution is happening, and some go as far as saying that earth is flat.

Evolution has been observed and accepted by almost everyone until creationists started spreading the myth that evolution is just a theory which led some think that evolution is not happening at all. If evolution is not happening, from where did 8,700,000 species of organisms come from? An ark? Evolution is happening. And it is a fact. Evolution by natural selection is a theory proposed by Charles Darwin to explain evolution. It is an explanation of why evolution happens, not to tell about the origins of life. Even before Darwin published Origin of Species, evolution was accepted as a fact.

Next time you see someone saying, “Evolution is just a theory”, explain them what evolution actually is.

What is a Discrush?

Reading proofs for the existence of God is one of my favorite hobbies. I do it with the hope that I find at least one good proof for the existence of God, despite me being certain that God doesn’t exist. But unfortunately I have never found a good article till now. Most of them commit many logical fallacies and mislead the readers. Discrushions are rebuttals of those articles.

The entire articles are usually cited, and this may result in a copyright violation and in that case, the author of the article can contact me.